A Guide to Buying Wholesale Blinds

Wholesale window blinds have the potential to transform the look of your customers room or home. Whether choose the for practical or aesthetical purposes, the options out there are huge. That’s why sometimes it helps to have a bit of help when it comes to choosing the perfect style. Our guide is designed just for that – we will help you to guide you through everything you need to consider before buying your perfect window blinds.

How Do I Choose The Right Blind?

Knowing what style of blind to choose comes down to a number of factors:
• The window type you need to cover
• The decor/interior design style you’re looking for
• The functionality of the blind
Once you fully understand the scope of each of these pointers, you’ll be better placed to choose from the style options out there.

Type Of Windows

Firstly, let’s look at the different types of window you may have within your home. The most common types of windows are recess, sash and bay windows.

Recess windows are the most common type out of the three, they are mainly used in residents homes. These windows come in a variety of different sizes. A lot of people tend to go for the M2M systems so they can find the prefect fit.

Sash windows are normally found in historic homes, if you’re looking to maintain the traditional look then a Roman Blind would be perfect for this.
Bay windows have 3 sections. This window is one of the most difficult windows to fit, they create a curved look, but also let it a lot of light. We suggest our M2M tracks as they come in a variety of sizes and can all be continuously bent.

Types Of Fabric


These materials have light-blocking features that prevents any light from passing through. Essentially, they ‘blackout’ a room – apart from the gaps left around the outsides, if not fitted to channels. Blackout fabrics are very popular for bedrooms as they help to create the perfect night time environment to help you to drift off to sleep.

Thermal & Solar 

In certain spaces around the home, direct sunlight causes an uncomfortable build-up of heat. This can make a space unusable. Solar reflective and thermal fabrics have been designed to solve this issue. They feature a reflective layer that redirects sunlight away from the home. Other options will absorb the sun’s heat before it is able to get into your home, reducing the heat overall. Use these to minimise the impact of Summer weather on a room, thereby reducing the costs of running fans or air conditioning.

Types Of Blinds

Roman Blind

Our Evaglide Roman Blinds System have fast become one of our most popular products. With exclusive child safe breakaway technology, 10 year warranty and a wide range of products to meet various different window displays.

Our M2M blinds ensure that you no longer need to take up valuable space, time and money constructing headrails yourself one call to Evans and we can sort it all for you. You’ll have no stock to keep, simply place an order with us and we’ll create blinds exactly to your specification . Alternatively, our set size blinds offer great value and we have a cutting service to ensure you get the perfect fit.


Cellular Blinds

Our new cellular blind range offers the perfect choice of window display to suit any room or interior. Available in the latest ‘on-trend’ contemporary colours, our range has been designed to complement your clients’ homes. Whether choosing dimout or blackout, our elegant cellular blinds offer unique ‘honeycomb’ technology to help insulate your clients’ home, reduce noise and offer UV protection. Each blind is easy to install, has sleek aluminium profile and offers optimal light control.


RSXL Roller Blinds

Utilising the same unique breakaway technology as our market-leading Evaglide Roman Blinds, the RSXL combines practically with style. This child safe roller blind is easy to operate with 1:1 fast lift or 1:4 heavy lift and comes as either chain or motorised operation. Our smooth operating system ensures the blind can be rolled up or down to offer optimum light or shade as your client requires. We’ve hand selected a number of UK M2M providers to stock our RSXL which provides you with the benefit of having a selection of stockist and an array countless fabrics to choose from. RSXL roller blinds offer various finishing touches such as dimout/blackout fabrics, decorative chains and integration with our Evaglide Hub for Smart Home automation.

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